Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Official Release

Compel One has officially been released to the public. If you are a hair stylist, barber, chef/baker, carpenter, you get the point we want you and you need Compel One. Our site is dedicated to allowing you to showcase your professional skill in a way that is second to none. It begins with a simple profile but that is not where it ends, not by a long shot. Your profile is your gateway to keep up with business contacts that may not be on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and for good reason in some cases. All too often these profiles mangle the business with the personal, which can be detrimental to both. Although, we allow you to link your Facebook and Twitter pages that is where the integration stops.

We say we are dedicated to you and your business success, but what exactly do we mean by dedicated? We have gone through great lengths to make your profile about you and managing your business: 

  • Capture contacts
  • Setup appointments/availability
  • Download calendars for appoitments
  • Create services
  • Upload photos
  • Assign photo albums to services
  • Tag search
  • Search engine optimized profiles

Your continued success in business is based on your ability to keep and retain customers. So, we made sure that your profile is search engine friendly and appealing. Your profile supports a search engine technology called rich snippets, read more here. Specifically, we support the organization and reviews schema. When a potential customer searches for a service that you offer and your profile displays. The user will be able to see reviews about your business before clicking the link to your profile. The more you have customers come to the site to review your services the more likely a potential customer is going to visit your profile.

We aren’t done yet additional modules are forthcoming, such as:

  • Email blasts - Why have all those contacts if you can't contact them. You will hear more about this module in the upcoming weeks.
  • Texts - Send/receive appointment reminders.
  • Payments
  • Contacts download/import
  • Profile Templates
  • Statistics
  • ... Tell us your ideas!

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